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A-1 Radiator Repair Frequently Asked Questions


Commonly Asked Questions

  1. Can you repair high-pressure aluminum oil coolers? Can you repair aluminum charge air coolers?
  2. Do you service and or repair heat exchangers?
  3. Do you only offer local pickup and delivery?
  4. Do you just sell new automotive radiators or do you also do repairs?
  5. I have a plugged up diesel particulate filter (DPF). Do you provide DPF cleaning service? What is the cost to clean the DPF? And how long does it take to clean the DPF?
  6. My vehicle has a coolant leak. How long will it take to fix the leak? And how much will it cost to fix?

Answer 1:

Yes. We have various methods for repairing all types aluminum cooling components such as oil coolers, charge air coolers, condensers and aluminum radiators. If we can’t repair it, we can give you a range of options from replacing the aluminum core to building a new complete unit, all at a fraction of the cost of factory new.

Answer 2:

Yes, we handle all types of heat exchangers including tube and shell, removable bundles, plate and frame, etc. We also can service and repair cooling coils (copper, aluminum, stainless steel, or carbon steel) for autoclaves. We can repair, recondition and when needed, replace with new.

Answer 3:

For our industrial customers, we offer pickup and delivery anywhere in the Western U.S. Our fleet of trucks can handle just about any size job you may have.

Answer 4:

Yes, we sell new radiators as well as repairs. We will clean and test your radiator for no charge and give you a quote for repair versus new.

Answer 5:

Yes we air blast and thermally clean (bake), the DPF and DOC. Highway trucks are $250.00. For Ford, Dodge, and GM pickups the cost is $465.00 if you bring in only the filters. This service normally takes 24hrs to complete the overnight bake.

Answer 6:

(Reno location only) You can bring the vehicle in and we will check the cooling system to find the leaks then we can determine what the cost will be and how long it will take. This is done on a first-come first-serve basis, no appointments.